How to get started once you've got Peacefulgame installed.

Launching the gameEdit

Run the Peacefulgame executable, and it will bring up the launcher.

At this point, you'll want to select the graphics setting to use.  My TOSHIBA laptop gets about 30 FPS on nice graphics in the ocean level, it gets about 15-60 in Minecraft depending on the version.  (Release 1.5 with mods is 15-25, Minecraft Alpha is 60ish.)  -CliffracerX, the owner of the Cliffie's Mod Info wiki user page (talk) 23:37, August 11, 2014 (UTC)

You do need a fairly high-end computer to play this, so think what games you can play on your computer.  If it can run Minecraft at 15-30 FPS on tiny render distance and fast graphics, you'll probably be able to play on "nice" graphics.


If you want to run a server, hit "start server", and make sure 27015 (or whatever port you chose, 27015 is the default) is forwarded through your router's portforwarding.  If you want to play on a public server, hit "refresh hosts" and wait to see if any new buttons appear.  If so: There's a public server you can log on to!  Click that button to log on.

You'll spawn next to the <REDACTED> in the Circle of Stones.  You start with no items in your inventory and very few discovered.

You can go around collecting resources Don't Starve style, or just explore the world. Depending on who you're playing with, other players may or may not be a threat to your goal of exploring and/or surviving. It's best to start with friends/by yourself at first, to get the hang of the game.

The Discovery System is our research system/player progression, which allows you to discover items, how to craft them, etc. If you find something on the floor in a dungeon and it's a black blob of some sort, you should try switching to it in your inventory and pressing "F". There is a chance of succeeding or failing, and a cooldown on attempts. This may lead to you finding something like a tent and spending a few ingame days researching it and trying to learn how to use it - and once you do, you can use it's RMB function and craft it (if it's a craftable item)

For the most part, explore the world and do whatever your heart desires. It's an open-world game with no clear goals, and we don't care to share too much of the story officially on the wiki as it would spoil the surprise.