Wondering what the HECK all those buttons are on the official Github?  Wonder no more!

For players (who are confused)Edit

The layout of the github page is rather confusing to some I would imagine, so here's an image explaining stuff.  Chances are it won't look exactly like this, but it'll still be close.  I'm using colorcoded boxes around different parts, and then writing what they are in the same color, so look close!


My Github infosheet, the colored boxes around things go to the colored text on the left.

For modders or contributorsEdit

You'll want a Github account, and some sort of Git installation on your computer to clone into the repo with (see above image).  Fork the project, and add your changes to your fork, and submit a pull request to the official repo, at which point User:CliffracerX will look into adding it into the main repository with a merge.